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If you are incorporating your business, or forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you will need to designate a registered agent.

  • icon Prevent having lawsuit documents sent directly to the business
  • icon Accepting legal and tax documents from the state government
  • icon Deliver documents to the business

It All Begins with a Registered Agent

A Registered Agent is a mandatory service in the US for all registered companies. The Registered Agent is legally allowed to receive official letters and documents on behalf of the company. This includes for example, tax notices, court documents, letters from government agencies, etc.

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All LLCs, S-Corporations, and C-Corporations must appoint a Registered Agent, also known as a Resident Agent or Statutory Agent.

Because a Registered Agent is required by law, failing to have one can cost your company its good standing in that state. This means you could lose the ability to secure loans and initiate lawsuits in your state of business. It might even endanger your limited liability protection.

Your Registered Agent receives essential state mailings (annual reports, tax forms, etc.) and legal mandates (like lawsuits), promptly relaying them to the correct individuals within your business. Beyond alerting you to deadlines and court proceedings, our Registered Agents can also manage other documents for you at an incremental cost.

Not having a registered agent to accept service of process does not mean that the business cannot be sued. What it does mean is that the court can obtain jurisdiction in another manner, but the business may not have timely notice of the lawsuit and will not be able to mount a defense.

Although individuals can serve as a registered agent in some states, there are significant responsibilities. Failure to perform the duties of a Registered Agent successfully can have serious adverse consequences for the business. For example, the improper handling of a service of process may eventually result in a default judgment.

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